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For those who want full control

Gennera - Academic One

A system beyond complete. Powerful. Comprehensive.

By integrating academic and business management, GenneraAcademicOne makes managing your educational institution easier and takes it to the next level. It is perfect for those who want to grow without losing control. With Gennera your institution will be able to grow as big as you dream it.


The best choice to ensure your growth
Gennera - Gestão Educacional

The future starts here.

A powerful platform that is perfect for sponsors and schools that need to professionalize their management system and remain innovative at the same time. You can start with a basic package and add new resources as your institution grows.


You ask the questions we grasp the answers

The Forms is a dynamic form building tool that will help you automate and evolve their educational processes in an easy and fast way!


A new way to teach and interact with their students

The Classroom mission is to help teachers improve the quality of education through technology, revolutionizing communication in the classroom and evolving the way realize the management of their classes.


Storage and management of digital files

Tool for uploading and downloading files, including scanned. Built to Gennera products, the application helps our customers save academic documents and teaching.


Create your own standard to visualize data and streamline their decisions

With Reports, you organize the way they get easier to query and display, streamlining the exchange of data and reports, and identifying opportunities you never imagined