Academic One

Intelligent. Unique. Definitive.

We decided to do the obvious thing: to bring SAP Business One aboard. The most sought after business management system (ERP) in the world is now integrated with the Gennera education management system. The result is more than just a new system: it is the definitive solution to education management.

Perfect for those who need to grow with full control.

When an educational institution decides to achieve new levels of growth and organization, its education management system may not be prepared for it. This evolution requires new control systems such as accounting, payroll, purchasing, stock, etc. The need to solve the problems resulting from the integration of systems and avoid losing operational control led to the cooperation between Gennera and an icon of the software industry: SAP Business One. With this solution your institution will be able to grow as big as you dream it.

Great ideas. Benefits even greater.
Reduces costs
Optimizes IT costs by using our robust platform of Software as a Service
Up to 60% with system integration, number of interfaces, and maintenance and operational costs
Up to 25% with the reprocessing of accounts payable and administrative fees
Up to 60% less time dedicated to income statements and balance sheets
Up to 80% with reconciliation procedure costs
Improves operational efficiency
Fast implementation, by using templates and on-line training
Improves budget development, control and management
Reduces process errors
Optimizes procurement with centralized contracts
Standardizes management processes
Minimizes operational and fiscal risks
Increases visibility for decision making
Global view of academic and financial data to improve strategy, planning and budgeting
Speeds up the integration of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
Standardizes performance analysis of different business units
Meets the sponsors’ policies according to their specific needs
Enhances customer attraction and retention
Standardizes student services by means of integrated processes
Speeds up customer attraction
Strengthens relationships and reduces the risk of customer turnover

Minimal in essence. Maximal in efficiency.