Gennera Education Management

The immediate solution for your educational institution.

Gennera brings you a robust system, specific for the education sector, which operates in cloud computing.
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The system speeds up student recruitment, provides easy access to academic and financial information, technical support, on-line training and IT infrastructure in a professional data center, thus ensuring your information will be well protected. In addition to these conveniences, Gennera Education makes it possible to manage education on the Internet – anytime, anywhere.

In education, some choices are crucial for the future you want to build.

Changing systems is a recurrent problem in the education sector.
Many institutions invest in their own systems or in outsourced ones, which in time become obsolete.

Gennera Education was designed to solve that problem. Its powerful platform is perfect for sponsors and schools that need to professionalize their management system and remain innovative at the same time. It is a unique education management product that will accompany your institution forever. You can start with a basic package and add new resources as your company grows. Gennera Education Management will be your definitive system!

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